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Dishwasher Trailer

Our mobile dishwashing trailers provide the ability to supply clean dishes for any event or service when other options may not be available.

This trailer is perfect for Special Events, Renovations (Long/Short Term) or Disaster Relief/Emergency use. Gives you the comforts of your own kitchen when you are cleaning up. Doesn’t matter if it is pots and pans or fine china, this solution works for all.

  • Includes:
    • 4 sinks
    • garbage disposal
    • storage areas as well as mop and hand sinks
  • Power Requirements: 200/amp 1 (Single Phase) 220 Volt 4-Wire
  • Leads provided are 200 amp rated cam-lok connection (female)
  • Trailer Size:
    • HEIGHT – 96″

Please call our office for full details and rental information

Call :  978-988-8869